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Featured Books by Michelle Rhnea

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The Enemy Within


Becoming A Praying Woman
A Jeremiah 9 Woman’s Series


In Each Moment


Michelle Rhnea’s Books

Please visit Michelle Rhnea on Amazon and take time to browse the book store to select one of her many book collection. Please check out the latest release and the up coming release of Becoming a Praying Woman and Jeremiah 9 Woman, respectively.

About Michelle Rhnea

Michelle Rhnea is a loving mother of five and an educator of many! 

As a professional, Michelle has empowered students, parents, and educators for over 30 years. Michelle was blessed with this gift long before a thought occurred regarding her career choice. She then founded home daycare a school on her back porch where she developed effective strategies for teaching her students to read with fluency. After, she founded a licensed home daycare, a school for 3-5 year olds on her back porch, where she developed a love for homeschooling and independent education. As a result of working with these children, she was able to design an educational prototype that works. Her success rate in motivating and preparing youth for higher learning has been exceptional.

Michelle’s credits include a master’s degree in English from Chicago State University and a master’s in online teaching from the University of Illinois, Springfield, IL. She is currently employed as a professor in the Communications Department and one of the Tenure Assistant Leaders for Kennedy-King College, one of the City Colleges of Chicago. She was Faculty Development Coordinator for Kennedy-King College for five years and uses those skills to empower small school administrators and teachers. Michelle is also a principal owner of Urban Edu Coach, where she collaborates with educators to provide curriculum development services to educators throughout the Chicagoland area.

Aside from her successes, Michelle is proud to exhibit her life-long degree in love, covered with passion for nurturing the human soul.

Michelle has a gift for teaching young children how to read. As a result, she designed an educational prototype for K–12 that works. Her success rate in motivating and preparing youth for higher learning has been exceptional. She currently conducts professional development for teachers and administrators, as well as parenting workshops to help parents ensure high-achieving homes.

Strong women make strong women stronger,
and stronger women build the strongest families

Michelle Rhnea Yisrael, nurturing human souls!
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